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I've watched a lot of S/R videos over the past year and try to chart a couple a day. I must say I never thought about drawing from fib lines. But it makes sense as a lot of people are watching these levels. Mind = blown. Great job on the video. 

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Happy to discover your profile! Thank you for the insights you share. Oh and also joined your contest! :)

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Really great value for the money this channel. I  got more than the 25$ member fee on my first trade. And it was a really small risk trade using just $200 at 3x times leverage. And then there's all the good trading info and the great people in this channel.

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Looking forward to seeing your crypto TA. At a quick glance, it looks sounds so far. :)

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Thank you kind sir for the trading analysis, all those strategies and a whole lot more.

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Good learning material from an experienced trader for future guidance. Do sign up!