About Us




  • 15+ years as an engineer/manager, turned day/swing trader for the last 5 years. 

  • I have an 85% trade hit rate and I never get greedy. I'm happy with 1-3% moves, and compounding is key. 

  • I am now educating others and helping them find success in trading.  Educating and teaching others is very rewarding to me.  Learning and growing together as a community is my goal.

  • Just like any thing in life, nothing comes easy and it takes hard work and trading is not any different.  The first 18 months of my trading journey was very difficult with many ups and down.




· My goal is to grow and build a community where we all learn, grow, and feed off of each other. 

· To build a community where multiple people from all over the world come together to share their strengths with others of the community to help them grow.

· This community will not only be built around me teaching, but the community teaching as a whole and bringing forward new and creative ideas.




  • I have developed a unique trading style by combining 3-4 different ones and creating my own. Everyone has a bit of a different trading style, you have to find what works for you. I will share my exact trading method, along with numerous others that you can take forward and develop it into your own. 

  • I will educate you, not only on how to read charts, but what many don't talk about in trading: the risk management, patience, and psychology of trading.

  • Moving from paper trading to live trading is extremely difficult and this has to be understood in order to be a successful trader.  Being dynamic and cutting loses when the market turns is key.